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To an airline, no one is special. Even the first class jamokes. You all line up like the cattle you are at your assigned boarding time, or you don’t get to leave. One woman on a recent Delta flight thought she was above such petty attempts to instill order in the boarding process and got on the plane early, prompting police to literally drag her off the flight.

The woman had attempted to board Delta flight 2083 set to leave Detroit for San Diego. An eyewitness on the flight told travel blog that the woman was tackled by police after refusing to check in with the gate agent to comply with Delta’s boarding procedures:

She didn’t check in with gate agent and walked right on. [The] woman blew by gate agent and didn’t check in because she wasn’t an early boarder and deserved overhead bin space. Colleague in back by her said she was mouthy and had a huge attitude. Police tackled her out of her seat and brought her to the ground. Not sure how she was subdued, some people speculated a taser.


Delta confirmed that the woman refused to leave the plane after repeated requests by officers to do so, reports CBS News. Police then subdued the woman and dragged her for most of the length of the plane’s center aisle, as shown in the video.

Anyone who’s ever been held up at the gate by something as simple as an unaccounted-for bag left on the plane knows how seriously airlines take boarding. Airlines really, really want to know about everyone and everything on their planes before taking off. In other words, don’t mess with the already-established order of things—they clearly have zero mercy for your need to claim overhead bin space.

A Detroit Metropolitan Airport representative told CBS News that the woman was “arrested for violation of airport ordinances, including failure to leave the aircraft,” but has not yet been formally charged.

The altercation caused a slight departure delay.

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