Woman Crashes Toyota Camry In Spectacular Fashion During Test Drive

The Toyota Camry, she is a cruel mistress. She seduces the driver with her supple ride, her creature comforts and her clockwork reliability — and then, when her prey has lowered its guard completely, she strikes like the deadliest of mongooses.

One Houston woman felt the vicious mongoose-strike of the Camry on Sunday when she lost control of one during a test drive at a dealership. KPRC reports the woman ended up with the older-model Camry wedged between two other cars on the lot. She was in the car with her father and a salesperson, but no one was seriously injured.


Here’s how one dealer employee described the incident:

“All of a sudden, I see a car that’s wedged in between two other cars, and there’s a bunch of commotion going on and what not,” Saiid Abdouh of Sterling McCall Toyota said.

Commotion, and what not. That’s one way to describe this whole thing.

Check out KPRC for a video of the aftermath. What’s the over/under on when the unintended acceleration lawsuit will get filed?


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