Woman Crashes Into Multiple Cars And A House At 120 MPH After Letting 'God Take The Wheel'

This crash involving triple digit speeds has a strange backstory.

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Gif: 19 News Cleveland / YouTube

An Ohio woman caused an impressive amount of carnage after running a red light at over 100 mph and crashing through multiple cars, a utility pole and a house. The reason for the crash is perhaps even wilder as the driver admits to running the light with her kid in the car on purpose to “test her faith with God.”

On June 15, police in Beachwood, Ohio, responded to the scene of the incredible crash, reports 19 News Cleveland. The driver had her 11-year-old kid in the car and thankfully there were no major injuries to her, the kid, the driver of the other car or occupants of the house. Traffic camera videos captured her Ford Taurus taking the nose off of one car in an intersection before crashing in the next.

The police investigation into the crash took a weird turn when the woman admitted to police that she intentionally sped down the road and through the intersections at about 120 mph, from KTLA 5:

The woman told police that she intentionally drove at the high speed and through the red light to “test her faith with God,” according to the report.

She told police she’s been going through some “trials and tribulations” and was recently fired from her job.

The woman said she “let go and let God take the wheel,” the police report said, adding that she believed she did the right thing.


Weirdly, crashes where people just let go of the wheel happen more often than you’d probably expect. In 2020, a Pennsylvania woman rammed a Kia Optima into a car as a “test of faith,” reports the Mercury News. In 2018, a Tennessee man rolled his truck five times after letting go of the wheel, reports Miami Herald.

The woman and her child were treated for minor injuries at the hospital. She faces charges of felony assault, endangering a child and driving under license suspension.