Woman Becomes High Mileage Hero By Driving Her Hyundai Elantra One Million Miles In Five Years, And Even Hyundai Can't Believe It

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One million is a really big number. It’s such a large number that a math teacher in high school offered the title to his Corvette to any student that could hand write out the numbers one through one million on pieces of paper. Obviously, many thick headed students gave it a shot, but none of them drove the Corvette home. This silver Hyundai Elantra has displayed each of those numerals on its odometer in just five years, and Hyundai has rewarded the driver, one Farrah Haines, with a brand new replacement for the high mile hero.


Haines is a delivery driver in Kansas, racking up an average of 200,000 miles per year bringing automotive parts to and fro. It could be inferred that some of her deliveries are quite far away. Haines claims in the video below to drive 24/7, which is obviously impossible, but even still, her average speed is a touch over 24 mph for five entire years. In case you weren’t aware, that’s A Lot of miles.


As Haines was approaching the million number, she reached out to Hyundai to let them know about the milestone. Because the car’s digital odometer only reads out to six digits, Hyundai made a small “1M” badge to be added to the front of the odometer to ensure it remains correct. If you drive your Hyundai over 1 million miles, you can get your own little 1M badge, as the part is now in Hyundai’s parts catalog.

The car retains its original drivetrain, and the body appears to have withstood the test of high mileage quite well. Hyundai was skeptical initially, and sent technicians to inspect the veracity of the million claim. According to this report from Carscoops, Hyundai inspected the engine block serial numbers, pulled the car’s diagnostic information, checked the dealer’s service history, and ran a CarFax report, to name a few. They came away impressed. I am, too.

Hyundai Motor America Chief Marketing Officer Dean Evens said, “Reaching one million miles with the original powertrain in just five years is an extremely rare and incredible achievement.”

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