Woman Arrested After Biting Driver During Parking Spot Dispute

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A California woman was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon Thursday after she bit another woman in an altercation started over a parking space (shown above). The arrest was made after police discovered multiple bite marks were found on the chest and arm of 32-year-old Sara Gillian's unidentified victim.

According to witnesses an argument started when the victim of the oral attack stole Gillian's parking spot on a San Francisco street. The argument quickly turned into the two women pushing and shoving each other which eventually led to the felony assault in question.

Although the victim declined to be identified she agreed to an interview with KTVU Channel 2 during which she understandably sounded more confused about the bizarre incident than anything else—

"I don't know why she would bite me," said the woman, "I don't understand why anyone would bite anybody unless you were hungry, and I don't really taste that good. I hope not."


Trevell Council, the victim's boyfriend, didn't speculate on the taste of his own flesh, but he did give an enlightening firsthand account of the incident—

"(The Victim) was like, 'Aaargh, aargh,' and she just kept biting her"


According to San Francisco Police arguments over parking spaces are a fairly common occurrence in the city, but rather unsurprisingly this is the first one to their knowledge that ended with a violent biting attack.


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