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Arvin's 1993 Mazda RX-7 is a work of art. A brilliant tangerine example of one of the loveliest Japanese cars ever built. It's why he invited Ronnie Corado to photograph it for It's a good thing Ronnie got some nice shots before the burnout portion and the resulting unintentional fire.


Poor Arvin.

StanceNation details everything that went into this New Yorker's FD build, including stripping everything down and replacing the twin-turbo setup with one Garrett GT34R dual ball bearing turbo. It made a monster 505 horsepower while running 22 lbs of boost at one point.


Unfortunately, with great power comes great fire risk. What happened next is as sad as it is expertly photographed. We'll allow StanceNation to explain:

While the car was in the middle of doing the burnout, the harness being soo brittle from
the cold weather of the winter just collapsed, heated up and melted. That obviously had the positive & negative touching and sparking a small electrical fire under his secondary fuel rails. Thankfully Arvin noticed the fire on time because the car started breaking up…

The flames spread quickly and there was nothing to do but call the fire department and wait for them to finish their work. Arvin, for his part, is grateful that he escaped unharmed and that the first responders responded so quickly.

Nearly everything behind the bumper and ahead of the firewall is trashed, but Arvin isn't giving up on his baby. What's next? Maybe an LS swap.


The full set of hot photos can be found here.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Corado for

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