Some dude in Tyler, Texas is getting inundated with calls and emails about a 1983 Eagle Bus he claims did tour duty for musician, poet, and living legend Willie Nelson. With air-brushed eagles and a chapel interior it certainly looks the part. Think it's the genuine article?

Seller says it was Nelson's "in the 80's," and it looks like there's a plaque somewhere inside that asserts it was "Built for Paul English Of The Willie Nelson Band." English was Willie's drummer and tour manager, so I guess it makes sense he'd have put in the order for the bus.

Dallas News says the bus-builder Florida Coach confirmed the vehicle's authenticity. While it wasn't owned by Willie per se, it was one of four peoplemovers Willie Nelson's entourage rocked in the 80's. It's called The Scout, and rolled alongside fleetmates Honeysuckle Rose, Warrior and the Red-Headed Stranger. This one is said to have been renamed Me & Paul when that album was released in 1985.

Whatever you want to call it, it's powered by a 92 Detroit Diesel Engine with a 15Kw generator onboard, and apparently makes 7 MPG underway with both engines humming. According to the ad, bidding has topped out at $52,000 but the seller's accepting bids until midnight. They only list "cash" as preferred method of payment but I'm pretty sure they mean "bales of marijuana."

I'm not sure what to make of the interior, but those graphics are pretty much perfect.

Hat tip to Clay Collins!