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The Williams F1 team was celebrating their first victory in eight years at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona with a team photo when something, possibly a KERS unit, sparked an explosion. Video shows the garage burst into flames and sources are reporting multiple injuries. A team member was apparently pulled out of the blaze with his legs on fire.

This fire happened only a short time after Pastor Maldonado celebrated a win in his Williams car, the first victory for the once successful team after a long drought. Early reports are that the KERS system — which stores electricity for use in the race — sparked a fuel fire.

The flames spread quickly, engulfing the unit. Images show people on the ground being treated for unknown injuries.


More as we get it.

UPDATE Most of the updates are coming via Twitter so we've added a Storify of the latest news. A total of nine injuries reported, non apparently serious, including minor burns and smoke inhalation. Photos show the damage to Bruno Senna's car.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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