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The History Channel revealed yesterday they planned to extend the second season of Top Gear USA and new episodes are already in production. The question is will you, the automotive obsessed at large, be watching it?

It sure isn't easy trying to live up to the original Top Gear which is after all the most popular motoring the world. Top Gear USA didn't exactly do themselves any favors with their first season that featured episodes anywhere from mildly entertaining to completely unwatchable.


Whether you love or hate Top Gear USA, you can't deny the second season is an improvement from the first. Ratings for the second season improved by 30% with an average of 1.9 million people watching each episode. Hopefully this trend will continue and the second part of Season 2 will be better than the first season and a half.

It's not quite a Question of the Weekend, but we want to know where you stand on new American Top Gear. Sure it still doesn't compare to the UK version, but their first few seasons weren't exactly spectacular either. We want to know whether or not you will be watching when Top Gear USA comes back (exact dates have not yet been announced). Do you see the show getting better or is it just not enough to keep you interested?

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