A San Francisco man's put a "5.0 Mustang" on Craigslist hoping to trade it for 2lbs of marijuana, claiming he needs it for leg pain (acetaminophen doesn't work?). This has to be either cops fishing or a total moron.

This is the original, flawed math text of the post:

5.0 mustang for TRADE for cannibis - $4000 (bay area)

hello, i would like to trade my 5.0 mustang for 2 pounds of marijuana.. NO LESS NO MORE. 454 grams. its clean titled good and reliable runnin real strong. this is a serious offer. i have a leg pain that wont go away without marijuana and doctors will not prescribe me a cannibis card.. please help me out. this is a serious ad and i have pictures. e-mail me and i will e-mail you back asap. i am not the police or narco or undercover.. i can meet in a location of your choice.


And here's out favorite part, the keyword list on this, which is the the most efficient way to bring people searching a subject to your ad with the greatest efficiency.

keywords: purp, weed, marijuana, kush, haze, northern lights, sour diesel, rasberry kush, strawberry kush, grapes, THC, medical marijuana, bone thugs n harmony, bob marley, tupac, lil troy, BIGGIE, mac dre,


Considering the wide number of marijuana varieties and marijunana-based subculture reference, we're sure this trade request is entirely all about relieving leg pain.

Here's the Craigslist ad, click HERE if the cops, or the moron pulls the ad.