The most important part of any car is not the engine, it is not the suspension, it is not the tires, and it is not the steering wheel. Manufacturer Easycarseat's inflatable car seat fixes a big problem a lot of people with children have, which is that carrying a car seat for kids all the time is a huge pain in the rearmost part of your body.


With an inflatable car seat, which weighs about $90 and only costs two pounds, you are looking at something much much cheaper than you're average car seat and easier to transport. Is this for babies, though?

One of the biggest problems many of us have is sitting comfortable in sports cars. Their low too the ground, their often "bolstered" in a way that is very uncomfortable. We polled our staff to see if they'd consider an inflatable chair for our test vehicles.


"Why can't the seats in a Corvette feel like the seats in a Buick Lucerne? It's the same darn company," exclaimed one. "I'm tired of feeling the road, I need to be disconnected from it."

We fully agree.

[Easy Car Seat]

Press Release: Fast-growing network reaches historic milestone

Bosch Car Service, a leading UK car servicing provider, has today announced the appointment of the 500th member to its network of independent garages.

A & K Gifford, of Holsworthy in Devon, is the garage that has reached the historic milestone for Bosch Car Service, which was set up by household name, Bosch, in 2003. A family-run business that was set up almost 40 years ago, A & K Gifford is still run by its founder, Anthony Gifford, who has been in the motoring trade most of his working life.

"I'm both surprised and pleased to learn we are Bosch Car Service's 500th member", said Anthony Gifford, Senior Partner and Founder of A & K Gifford. "Bosch is a household name that customers can trust and rely on. It's a name that people recognise and relate to quality, and that is one of the reasons that we wanted to join the network".


Howard Price, Concept Manager at Bosch Car Service, said, "This is such a significant milestone for us, and shows how far we have come as a network. The continuous growth of our network is testament to how popular it is with both our garages and their customers. We would like to wish a very warm welcome to A & K Gifford to our network; we were really excited to announce to them that they are our 500th member – because they have just become a part of Bosch history!"

Set up in 2003, Bosch Car Service was originally a pilot scheme formed from just six garages; two in the South East (Watford and Reading), three in Yorkshire (Beverley, Bridlington and Pickering), and one in Scotland (Glasgow). Now its network spreads across the whole of the UK and Ireland.


"Being part of the Bosch Car Service network will now enable us to take our business to the next level", Anthony continued."We've been around for a long time, and have built a strong and successful company, but in addition, we wanted to give ourselves access to all the latest training courses and diagnostic equipment that Bosch Car Service offers".
Anthony, who has been in the motor trade most of his working life, had his company's building built from scratch. "We designed it ourselves",he said,"so that we could ensure it was exactly how it needed to be to provide the best and most convenient service for our customers."

Howard continued, "Being part of the Bosch Car Service network gives our garages many advantages, such as access to training courses and keeping up-to-date with the latest information and equipment; although we were only formed fairly recently in 2003, a lot has changed in the motor industry in those eight years and it's important that our network is always able to provide the highest level of service and knowledge to its customers".


All Bosch Car Service garages work to an Office of Fair Trading approved Code of Practice and employs qualified and trained technicians, using the latest diagnostic equipment and quality parts for servicing and repair.

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