There's a new Mini Cooper on the horizon, and we're set to see exactly what it will look like in November. Until then, spy photographers in China have snatched the best look at the car's interior to date, and it looks like it may be losing its famous center-mounted speedometer.


The good news is that if you're a fan if the Cooper's fiesta of circles and rectangles, you won't be disappointed. These shots from our pals at Car News China show that the Cooper's famously round interior won't be going boring and mainstream, nor will it be super futuristic-looking like the recent Mini Vision concept.

The bad news (if you can call it that) is that the big centrally-mounted speedometer might be on the way out, replaced by a more conventional speedo-tach combo above the steering wheel with a more conventional radio and, presumably, nav screen and infotainment system in the center. Here's the 2013 car for comparison purposes.


I've always liked the Cooper's interior from a design standpoint, but the center-mounted speedo is tricky to read — I prefer using the digital speed display over the steering wheel instead. This could be a better solution.

It's also possible there's some kind of speed thing built in there that we can't see yet. Maybe we'll find out in November.


Be sure and check out more shots over at Car News China. Will you miss the big speed clock?

Photos credit Car News China