Will The New Honda Ridgeline Be A Real Manly Man Testosterone Truck?

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They're gonna (grunt) make a (grrrr) new Honda Ridgeline and they say it's (muscle flex) gonna be a real pickup this time.


Honda just announced that they're going to make a new Ridgeline, following the rumors that, inexplicably, they've been planning on making a new Ridgeline. Honda claims it will be more "truck like."

'Truck like' is industry code for 'large macho big grill loud beef flex meat flex tough strong man huge.'

While the last Ridgeline was a wimpy girly man unibody pickup with (scoff) front-wheel drive-biased AWD, the new one looks like a real mean trucky truck man truck mister mean full steroid muscle big man truck.

As a man's man I'm looking forward to this new manly man's man Ridgeline from Honda.



Short answer: No

Long answer: This will be the same formula used last time, which wasn't a bad formula, per-se (Proven platform with increased strength and car components for light duty recreational use) but it failed to deliver. I mean it had a nice ride, but the economy wasn't any better than a frontier or Tacoma, to say nothing of an EB2.7, ED3.0 or EcoTec V8 full size. Honda needs to go all out war on the economy front with this one, it had better get 20 + mpg city and 30 + mpg highway in order to differentiate itself. Hybrid? Possible. Diesel? Possible.

My guess? a super macho look saddled to a proven gas v6 and the new 9 speed. pass.