Will One Of You Please Buy This Volvo P1800ES Shooting Brake?

For those of you who made it to the Jalopnik Film Festival launch party, you know that one of the stars of the show was a gorgeous Volvo P1800. If you missed out, now is your chance to not only own a wonderful P1800, but an ultra rare shooting brake version.


Listed on eBay with a current bid of $15,488 and a reserve "not yet met," this super sexy 1973 Volvo P 1800ES Executive Shooting Brake will give you all the Jalop bragging rights. With only 68,85o miles it can probably go another 2,931,150 miles and not give you much trouble.


The car was fully restored in 2014 and seems to be in immaculate condition. I should also mention that this is not just any shooting brake, according to the seller it is "the gentleman's shooting brake."

Designed for discerning gentlemen with sporting tastes, this fine automobile is meant to provide luxury conveyance for you and your gear. Whether it be to the hunt club, as originally intended, to the country club for a round of golf or to the local show and shine, this P1800 arrives in style. And with fewer and fewer of these cars surviving in the wild, you are not likely to see another very often. Only 8077 ever built worldwide and 41 years of attrition means that very few nice are or will be on the market.


There is no word if the Remington and cigars come with the car.


Of course, if you are discerning lady Jalop with sporting tastes, don't be discouraged. This car will look just as good in your driveway as well. But it doesn't matter who buys this, as long as it is purchased by one of us to be driven and loved as it should be.

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