Will.i.am has a new album coming out. At a party for the launch of said album his custom DeLorean he says isn't a DeLorean but really is was stolen. He made it sound like the valet took it but we were able to contradict that story and now we hear he's got his car back.

The whole thing sounds like a setup to us, especially because West Coast Customs found the car.

We know from his photos will.i.am went to the party in his IAMAUTO DeLorean prototype. We also know he was very public about showing off the car. Then, for some reason, he skipped the valet and parked it around the corner.

When he came back out the car was "gone." As we've detailed before, the car is really a modified DeLorean put together by West Coast Customs at a price of $700,000 — or so will.i.am claims.


He never called the police. He didn't file a report. He pleaded with people on Twitter to find it and then, all of a sudden, WCC Ryan Friedlinghaus came out and Tweeted that he had it. Here's the exchange:



So… it took you all how long to figure out how to track the car down even though you had a tracking device on it? The whole thing smells like a viral marketing stunt to us.

Someone want to go over to West Coast Customs and see if they have the car?

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)