Will.i.am Crashed His Cadillac Into A Parked Car

Will.i.am crashed a £100,000 Cadillac into a parked car last night with friend and former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole in the passenger seat. They got away with bloody noses and whiplash, but the details of the crash are unclear.

The crash occurred around 3:30 AM, as Will.i.am and Cole left the recording studio in LA. Only the driver's side airbag deployed, so Cole may have smacked her head on the dash. Both went to the hospital and tweeted that they were alright.


We have no idea how they hit a parked car, however. Has Will.I.Am. forgotten how to drive a normal car?

If they had been in Will.i.am's not-a-DeLorean, which lacks modern crash protection, we suspect their injuries would have been much worse.


(Hat tip to Tohru Rokuno, Ace Tipster Extraordinaire!)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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