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The latest development in the long, messy saga of the new Cadillac flagship came in July when it was announced that the car was canceled for lack of pizzazz. But now, GM's CEO confirms it's back on as a big rear-wheel drive sedan.


In addition, in a radio program with our own Jason Torchinsky, GM designer Clay Dean indicated that they would be bringing a surprise to this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in mid-August. Could this be it?

USA Today reports that CEO Dan Akerson confirmed that a big, rear-drive Caddy sedan is in the works. Such a car would slot in above the XTS, which happens to be front- or all-wheel drive. He said it will be very loosely based on the CTS platform, come in an additional AWD version, will not be based on an Australian Holden of some sort, and it will likely not replace the XTS, which has been a hit in China.

If you're expecting a production version of the Ciel above, don't hold your breath. But Cadillac may offer something similar but still new. From the story:

The super-size Caddy sedan won't resemble the brand's recent concept cars, but will use some styling highlights from them, such as the knife-edge row of lights on the front fenders, similar to the new CTS.


Pebble Beach is just a month away. Maybe we'll get a nice, big, rear-drive Caddy surprise there.


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