Will BMW Finally Bring Back The 8 Series Or What?

2013 BMW Gran Lusso Coupe pictured, via FavCars.com
2013 BMW Gran Lusso Coupe pictured, via FavCars.com

Rumors of the BMW 8 Series’ Big Comeback ebb and flow, and here’s another one: a two-door version of the big, executive 7-Series could be on the way.


The whisper comes via Bloomberg, who cites an unnamed source, but we believe that it’s actually the 8 Series that’s being alluded to. From the story:

A sporty two-door version of the 7-Series is in the works for as soon as as 2019, according to a person familiar with BMW’s plan, who asked not to be named because the plans aren’t public. The luxury coupe is the first of several new versions BMW is considering to give sales of its highest-end car a lift.

Bloomberg points out that the new coupe will likely be aimed at the Mercedes S-Class, like the 7 Series already is, but there’s also an S-Class Coupe that currently has no BMW rival!

If you’ll remember the 8 Series from the late 80s into the 90s, you’ll remember the spectacular wedge-shape, the techiness of the interior and lofty price tag. We called it one of BMW’s greatest failed experiments. Talk of an 8 Series revival has been going on for years, and nothing has come of it yet.

In the past, we’ve also speculated that the Rolls-Royce Wraith—which uses a BMW 7 Series platform, a BMW 7 Series twin-turbo V12 and shares a transmission with a BMW 7 Series—is the 8 Series, reborn. Just under a different badge.


These new rumors, if they are in fact anything to go on, make it sound like BMW intends to release the new coupe under its own name. It would make sense to bring out the old 8 Series moniker again and dust it off. The 7 Series has always been a sedan, and unless BMW decides to make up a new Series for it, the 8 Series seems to be most probable.

But then again, it went ahead and invented the 4 Series out of nothing. So, there’s that.


Brad Landers

There’s a source on some BMW forums who has leaked reliable information in the past, and they’re throwing out some pretty crazy lineup changes. Some highlights:

  • The proposed 8-series would obviate the current 6-series; as in, there would be no more 6-series.
  • The car would be positioned to sell against the Mercedes S-class coupe, which sells at a higher premium compared to the current 6-series coupe.
  • This change would mean the end of the 6-series Gran Coupe.
  • Additionally, BMW are looking to kill the 4-series & 6-series Gran Coupe, consolidating the idea in to a revised 3-series Gran Turismo and 5-series Gran Turismo.

The whole thing really has me scratching my head. My take is that BMW are scrambling to react to the market. The M6 GT3 car hasn’t even finished its first season, and now the M6 has been slotted for obsolescence. Seems like decisions are changing quickly in Munich.

If there is an up-side, it will be the retooling of the 3/5 GT. For anyone not familiar, this is the 5-series GT. Hold your nose...

The 4-series GT is a little better looking, but not by much.

The Gran Coupes are much better looking cars. 4-series Gran Coupe.

6-series Gran Coupe.

The 4-series Gran Coupe is (IMO) the best looking sedan BMW makes right now. It’d be a real shame if marketing priorities resulted in a botched merge of that car and the oddly proportioned 4er GT.