Wile E. Coyote-Inspired Jet Powered Time Attack Mini Can't Turn, Crashes

Who would have ever thought this was a good idea? Take a nice, nimble Mini Cooper and stuff it full of jet engine. It looks like it belongs on an episode of “Looney Tunes.” Will it still turn? Erm, no.

The Mini was entered in a Time Attack at Snetterton Circuit, where it failed to negotiate a damp ninety-degree turn on the track, crashing through the barriers.


Stuffing a Mini with a jet engine in the rear sounds like a great idea for a drag racer, or for perhaps catching pesky roadrunners, but clearly, the lack of weight over its turning wheels makes it impossible for the crazy little racer to make the tight turns you’d expect to see on a road course.

Fortunately, the driver inside appeared to be fine, but was taken away from the track in an ambulance just in case.

Update: If you ever plan (or don’t plan) on understeering a Mini nose-forward into a barrier, this is what it will look like afterwards:


According to Matt Johnstone, who watched his scene unfold, the driver was able to be helped out of the car, but collapsed upon standing. He regained consciousness on the stretcher, however. Either way, we’re glad he seems (mostly) okay.

Photo credit: Matt Johnstone (crashed Mini)

[H/T Robb Holland]

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