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Wildest Off-Road Conversions

Illustration for article titled Wildest Off-Road Conversions
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Truck lovers have been called conservative, but that hasn't stopped some from building insane off-roaders out of just about anything. The pickup conversions you showed us were amazing, now let's see what kind of automotive bastardizations you've seen wheeling.


The maniac responsible for this perverted franken-Datsun is now offering it on Craigslist for some "other 4wd SUV my wife could drive." Here's to hoping your findings had a more badass fate.


In case that ad disappears:

Illustration for article titled Wildest Off-Road Conversions

Hat tip to Fred Grefe!

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Pfft...anybody can convert a roadcar to a offroader - how about a railway locomotive - ladies and gentleman, I present you an offroadable M62 diesel locomotive.

That's how the 'Taigatrommel' ("Taiga drum") usually looks and sounds like:

You might soon get, what the origin of the nickname is.