Why You Shouldn't Turn Off the TV After Top Gear Tonight

There's going to be a new show after Clarkson, May, and Hammond finally find the source of the Nile and sort out that a WRX is clearly, not-even-worth-debating the only car suitable for the journey. (At least of the three cars they chose; dollars-to-donuts their crews are in Land Rovers and 70-Series Land Cruisers). That show is called 'Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers,' which I hope you will watch, not just because I'm in it for a bit, but because I think perhaps you haven't had enough of watching a group of presumably intelligent people do very dumb things to incredibly expensive technology.

When we started pitching this thing out to networks a couple of years ago, we had this big spiel about how it wasn't going to be in a studio, that it was going to be about abusing gadgets, not just using them, and also about finding a group of people who might like each other, if they could stop terrorizing each other. Nobody really liked our pitch. Then we just started saying "We want to make Top Gear but for gadgets." Everybody loved it.

I'm really proud of what we've done to get this special out to the world, but it's impossible not to think of everything else we could be doing if we actually got a chance to turn this into a series. Most gadgets don't have the inherent visual and aural appeal of cars – and honestly, if I have any say about it, we'll use as many cars in the show as they'll let us – but that's been part of the fun of trying to figure out how to crack the code for Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers. We may not be able to outrace Top Gear, but we might be able to out-stunt them.

Failing that, I am positive we can out-dumb them. We're on tonight at 10:20 PM on BBC America, right after Top Gear. I hope you give us a chance!

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Wow, that's pretty awesome. Like Consumer Reports, only, you know, interesting.