Why You Say We’re Living In An Automotive Golden Age

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It’s easy to look back on cars of years past and say, “Wow, things were just better back then,” simply because memory is grounded in perception, which is imperfect. Of course things seem better in the past: we selectively remember the good parts. But what about now?

Last week, I asked you what automotive golden age we’re currently living in right now. Are we living in the golden age of speed? Safety? Reasonable pricing?


Let’s find out.

Used Cars (marshamk)

They were made well to begin with.

90s Japanese Sedans (Cycro101)

Hear him out.


Everything (Aer)

Just happy to be here.


Last Hurrah (the 1969 Dodge Charger Guy)

Let’s see if this happens.


Power And Performance (As Du Volant)



Computer-Controlled Internal Combustion (Eezep)

Putting down the numbers each time, every time.


DIY Mechanic (FUNFACT!)

Just Google it.


Livable (liffie420)

Set a record laptime, go on a long road trip.


Boring But Practical (WhySoCicero2)

Running on Purist Tears™ since 2017.

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