Why You Never, Ever Cut Off A Semi Truck

That big gap of space in front of a semi truck? That's not for you.

Here's how this plays out — a red Saturn pulls in front of a semi truck in the left lane to pass a trailer truck ahead in the right lane. As the Saturn comes up on the second semi, the driver gets on the brakes. The problem is that a Civic has cut into the gap in front of the semi. The Honda driver has nowhere to go as the Saturn closes in from the front and the semi can't give enough space in the back.

Here's how the trucker described the incident in this LiveLeak posting.

The girl driving the impacted car was transported to the hospital with minor injuries after she made a VERY poor decision. An 80,000 lb rig vs. your 2,000 - 4,000 lb car will result in at least your car being torn up, at worst, we are pulling your corpse out from the wreckage. Give us room to work, stay away from our rear and sides and front.


I'm not going to say that the trucker is clear of responsibility in this wreck, given that the guy looks like he was camping out in the left lane, but at a certain point it doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong.


You just don't cut off a semi.

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For the sake of this video I will assume the truck had a legitimate reason to be in the left lane.

1. Why did the red car hit their brakes??? There is no one in front of them!

2. That gray car, even if the red car hadn't hit the brakes, did not have enough room to fit in there!