Why Yes I Would Love A BMW i8 Roadster If BMW Were To Make One (Which It Probably Will Soon)

Here’s a phrase I haven’t heard in a couple years: BMW i8 Spyder. Or roadster. Or convertible. Whatever, you get the point—it’s a topless version of BMW’s gorgeous hybrid sports car. And it’s finally debuting at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, reportedly.

The i8 Roadster will first show its face at the end of November at the LA Auto Show and then go on sale by next year, reports BMW Blog. It will have a soft top that folds into the back seats.


Citing unnamed sources, the outlet also says that the roadster will have a updated power pack, which will give it two times as much battery capacity as the coupe and a power increase to around 400 horsepower.

The current i8 coupe has 357 horsepower, which isn’t bad, but could definitely use more. The new power output should help counter criticism leveled at the coupe for being slow.

As long as the roadster keeps the coupe’s winged doors and awesome design, I’ll be happy.

A BMW spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

via Motor1

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