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Why Won’t Anyone Buy This $1.4 Million Mercedes CLK GTR?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We last saw this über-Benz for sale back in February, its 7.3 liter V12 having covered 1,492 miles. Well, it hasn't gone any further since then. What, nobody wants a $1.4 million, 234 mph road-going racecar?


This particular über-Benz is #17 of 25, and according to the seller in Florida, it's been federalized. The CLK GTR, built to beat Porsche at Le Mans, is not the most practical car in the world, but you can pick up groceries in it and go rip your face off on the highway. Sounds like a deal to us.

The car has been on this lot for at least a year now. At this point, we bet you could haggle the dealer down a cool million.


(Hat tip to Seth!)

Photo Credit: eBay