Why Toyota’s Brazil-like Commercial Is The Best Car Ad In Years

The graphics look like something out of an old version of Grand Theft Auto. There are no sexy babes, or dancing hamsters, or dubstep. And yet the newest Subieyota ad is the best we've seen in years.

We just see a digital man, stuck in a grey, British, digital dystopia like something out of Brazil. He's forced into dull cars just like the ones Toyota regularly sells us, until (cue the Inception music) he finds the drift-happy GT86 and discovers what real driving and real living is about.

The spot, directed by Stink's Adam Berg for Saatchi London, is fantastic because kids who came of age on forums can afford new cars now, if only just. They know cars from Forza and Gran Turismo and illegally downloading Top Gear. But they're tired of internet oversteer. They want something real that fits their internet-defined platonic ideal: low weight, high revs, rear-drive.


Underemployed kids in their parents' houses will watch this spot online and they will have to have one of these cars.

The people buying BRZs and FR-Ss and GT 86s have logged hours and hours into the digital world and they want to break out, which is exactly what the ad shows. Toyota just nails it.

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Very nice ad but I think it's extremely ironic that Toyota themselves are one of the biggest purveyors of the kind of 'grey' transportation appliance that happens to populate their own dystopian metaphor. While the ad does make one dig the GT-86, it also reminds viewers just who is responsible for all the dross on the roads in the first place.