Why The Renault Avantime Is Still So Heartbreakingly Cool

After driving the new BMW M5 to death, our friend Nino Karotta, a.k.a. Hungarian Wolverine, is back with something completely different: a pleasant, autumnal ride in a Renault Avantime, the greatest modern GT to emerge from Europe.


This particular Avantime, one of 8,557 made ten years ago, had been Nino’s daily driver for over two years before he borrowed it back from its current owner for six minutes of television glory.

It’s hard to come across high-quality footage of an Avantime in its natural environment—which is definitely not a racetrack—so do lean back and enjoy the kooky French marvels of double-hinged doors and enough glass to make the Lamborghini Marzal blush.



I like the ones that got turned into a 4-door and made to look like an old beater in Children of Men. Despite having 2 doors added, it was still pillarless... and one of the finished vehicle was driveable too (The other was hacked apart in order to get interior shots). I believe a collector bought it along with one of the 6x6 army vehicles from the movie... but it does give an idea of how far ahead of it's time the design was that all they needed to do to make it look like a vehicle from the future was add some camera wingmirrors.