Why The Original NSX Is Just So, So Perfect

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Regular Car Reviews believes buying a stock NSX today is a better investment than betting on the stock market, and the world “timeless” starts with the letters N, S, and X.

Honda didn’t need to build the NSX, but did it anyway using the money made on Civics and Accords. And while the Japanese weren’t officially competing with Ferrari, they won the game with this car in the long run anyway. Everything feels right about the NSX. The handling, the ride, the attitude.

It might not be a powerhouse - especially by modern standards - but it’s a proper supercar that’s also the correct size, came with exactly as much interior trim as a normal human being needs and the visibility out of that cabin is beyond belief.


Some say the NSX can be very tricky near the limit, but all the way up to 95% of its performance, it’s just a wonderful car to drive.

The new one is a fair bit more complicated than the original, but we have high hopes. Still, if you don’t want to wait and have only $50,000 to spend anyway, here’s your ticket.

The power of dreams in action.


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I must be the one of the few people who has owned an NSX and think they’re terrible cars.