Why The Original BMW M5 Is Still A Sleeper Demon

These days, everyone loves to talk about the E30 M3 and how it's skyrocketing in value. Call me a heretic, but as much as I love E30s, I think I'd take the original E28 M5 instead. It's classy, it's ultra rare, it's got a beefy straight six, and it was supposedly the fastest sedan in the world when it debuted.


Our pals over at Petrolicious are more than happy to show us why the first M5 is still amazing today. Their latest video tells the story of Randy Balingit-Hartmann, a man who bought it in 1989 with the help of his dad and has kept it for 24 years, through an assortment of financial ups and downs and life changes.

It's been one of the only constants in his life, always there to make things right with a spirited drive down the coast filled with the music of that lovely inline six engine. Why get rid of something that special?

The old M5 harkens back to a time when German cars were over-engineered to last forever. "I've never had any mechanical issues with the car, and believe me, I drive it like I stole it every single day," Randy says.

So would I, Randy. So would I.

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