Why The Ferrari Testarossa Isn't A Supercar

Despite what its mid engined layout, wild styling, Miami Vice appearance, and bedroom poster status may tell you the Ferrari Testarossa is not a supercar. Rather, it's a Grand Tourer.

Generally when you think of a GT car you think of a big, comfortable coupe with a 12-cylinder mounted up front like a Ferrari Daytona or, to use a more modern example, a Bentley Continental GT. The Testarossa looks like it has more in common with a Countach than anything else, but don't be fooled because it's a genuine Gran Turismo.

The Testarossa's Flat-12 engine has a lot of usable low/mid-range power and is fairly quiet when you're not hammering on it. The interior is comfortable, the visibility is excellent, and there are no pictures of racetracks in its brochure. Its main goal isn't to constantly remind you that Ferrari has an F1 team (ahem, F12berlinetta) but to be a comfortable, fast cruiser.


This video from the ever cool Harry Metcalfe highlights everything you've ever wanted to know about the Testarossa from the fact that the transmission is mounted under the engine, to the door handles that double as ashtrays. All in all it's quite a different Ferrari from the sort of car they make today – more elegant than in your face.

Top Photo Credit: pyntofmyld

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