Why The Cadillac CT6 Is A Nearly Perfect Road Trip Car

The Cadillac CT6 is the automaker’s flagship sedan, loaded up with power, American luxury and General Motors’ most advanced semi-autonomous driving tech to date. We find ourselves wishing more people bought it, because it’s kind of a hidden gem not enough buyers know about.


The CT6’s semi-autonomous function, called Super Cruise, is General Motors’ answer to Tesla’s Autopilot. And it is by far the most impressive feature of the CT6.

Why is it impressive? Well for one, it works. There are many other automakers that claim semi-autonomous functionality in their cars, and most of these systems are bad. They are clumsy and jerky and sometimes even terrifying in practice. Sometimes they just turn off without much warning.


Save for a few small issues, like getting cut off in traffic, Super Cruise is something I could definitely see myself using if I had a long highway jaunt ahead of me. I just have to make sure to keep my eyes on the road. Which I would be doing anyway. We don’t yet have fully autonomous cars, let’s not kid ourselves.

But Super Cruise, in addition to the gobs of leg room and deep trunk space the CT6 offers, has me convinced the Cadillac might be one of the best road trip cars you can buy right now.

Check out our video to see what else we find out about it.

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I own a 2018 CT6 Plug in Hybrid. I really like the vehicle, even in hybrid form. It is better on a roadtrip than my wife’s MDX Hybrid.

The PHEV comes loaded with all of options on Kristen’s car except Supercruise, the 3.0TT V6 and the 20 inch rims. It has ACC and Lane Keep Assist, but not full self driving. Oh, and the trunk is half the size due to the battery.

My best electric range was 46 miles, but 30 miles is more common. Once the battery is empty you can get 30 mpg by setting the cruise at 78 mph until the gas tank is empty. 70 mph cruising will yield 32-24 mpg. Range is roughly 500 miles.

I really wish my 2018 had the front and rear end updates, it looks so good.