Why Rolls-Royce's Magical Fiber Optic Roof Is A Bit Darker In America

What you see here is Rolls-Royce's special Starlight headliner under construction.

According to my guide at the Goodwood factory, 'it takes a certain kind of man' to build this $12,925 piece of ultimate luxury. No wonder, since we are talking about drilling 1,340 holes that replicate the constellation above Goodwood the morning the first Phantom rolled off the assembly line in 2003.


But while those 1,340 fiber optic lights shine all the way to the windshield on a Phantom or Ghost in most places, American customers get their stars pushed a little further back due to certain regulations restricting the positioning of any light source inside the cabin.

The more you know!


Photo Credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik

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