Why Put Wheels On Your Car When You Can Drive Like This?

Yeah, no, definitely not remotely safe. (Photo Credit: plokiju/LiveLeak)
Yeah, no, definitely not remotely safe. (Photo Credit: plokiju/LiveLeak)

As far as simple ways to put you and everyone in your immediate proximity in extreme danger, using a floor jack to replace two of your car’s wheels is tough to beat.


This video was allegedly taken in China, specifically between Lanzhou and Dingxi, but it’s impossible to say definitively. Just picking out exactly what car, or remnants of “car,” we’re looking at has escaped me to be honest.


What we can see is some backwoods innovation paired with a remarkable lack of self-preservation. Even if that jack is bolted or welded to the rear axle with some semblance of permanence, which, no way, this balancing act at speed is one gentle breeze from catastrophe.

I’m genuinely surprised this “worked” long enough to get these few seconds of video, but I have not seen a bloody follow-up so maybe these guys actually got home.

My guess is that the castor wheels would be overwhelmed by the weight at speed, bind up and basically just suck the jack backwards while the car kept going forward. What do you think the first fail point was?

Hat tip to Paulo!

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Montego Murph

Does anyone even realize how dangerous this is?
They should have the car on jackstands while they do this.

Anyway. First failpoint? It would likely coincide with the first oreo-sized pothole.