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Why People In San Francisco Shouldn't Be Allowed To Drive

Accidents happen, but at some point you'd think the Prius-driving liberal elite would learn how to use their brakes. Gotta say, though, Taiwanese animators have nothing on the graphics crew behind this two-year-old accident recreation.


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Spencer Williams

Okay, time for the San Francisco liberal elite (I'm a Colonel) to weigh in on all the implied haterness in this post and comments.

1. If it seems San Francisco drivers drive slowly, that's a result of the infrastructure and the residents.

a. There's a stop sign or stop light within 200 yards, no matter what street you are on in the city. Do you really want to be that guy who speeds by people to be the first one sitting there? You don't. And on the rare throughway where the lights are timed (Gough, Franklin), believe it or not, they didn't time them to accommodate the boy racers.

b. Pedestrians are everywhere, and 10% of them are incredibly unaware that there are 3,500 pound machines whirring by them non-stop. Need to cross the street? Just walk out from anywhere in a line of parked cars. Don't worry, the cars will stop! Have four kids? Have them trail behind you nonchalantly, so what if they are shorter than the hood of my car and thus invisible to me! You can attribute these behaviors to drug-addled confusion (Polk Street), cultural differences (Mission Street), or snobtastic entitlement (Union Street,) but whatever the cause, it may be frustrating, but I still don't want to run anyone over. If you're one of those "I sped up at them to teach them a lesson" drivers, please punch yourself in the balls.

I won't even get into the bicyclist side of things, because I don't feel it's half as big an issue as people make it out to be. I commute via walking, riding my bike, and driving in the city, so I've seen all sides. Basically, so long as you aren't Captain Aggro and are able to accept that you aren't getting anywhere fast in a densely populated and overbuilt urban grid, driving in the city is easy. SF drivers aren't bad drivers, the visitors, be they from overseas or Walnut Creek, are the guilty parties.

And driving across the bridge is no way to measure driving behaviors. It's a gawkfest. If people were able to drive up the Statue of Liberty, I'm betting they wouldn't be all that efficient, either.