Why NORAD Tracks Santa Every Single Year

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NORAD Tracks Santa's Path on Christmas Eve Because of a TypoThe Atlantic

I used to be obsessed with this. Now I know it's because of an error.

It was 1955, and Christmas was approaching, and Sears had a new idea for a yuletide gimmick. In local newspapers, the department store placed ads ... on behalf of Santa himself.


1974 Porsche 911 vs. 911S Targa, 911S CarreraCar And Driver

The original road test from 1974.

The tachometer needle is closing in on the fourth gear redline. The speedometer indicates 105 mph. Bobby Allison is feeling the Porsche 911 into the wide, banked Turn One of Pocono's short road course. He has driven this section of the tri-oval dozens, maybe tens of dozens, of times before, always in a stock car . . . and always in the other direction. But that doesn't matter. Now he is turning right instead of left.

30 years of D.C. CabThe Washington Post

Nice retrospective.

Thirty years ago, today, a great film was released in movie theaters: D.C. Cab, an irreverent look at the life of a group of cab drivers in the District in the 80s. Starring Mr. T, it goes exactly how any movie from that time period does, for the most part. Lots of hijinxs, random nudity, cursing and casual racism that you might not see so overtly in theaters these days. But for all that, it's an incredible film.

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