Our friends at Regular Car Reviews have never reviewed a car more simply "there" than the Dodge Nitro. It's a car that could have only existed in it's time, and could have only been created without Lee Iacocca at the helm of Chrysler.

It's an offensively Masculine car, and laughably considered compact. It's difficult to imagine anyone but a man driving a Dodge Nitro, and as Regular Cars put it "it's an entry level SUV for entry level masculinity."

Those masculinity jokes don't paint the full picture, though. Regular Cars researched who exactly Dodge Nitro owners are, and they found that they're actually nice guys that genuinely love their cars. They're not foolish to think that it's a great car, but they love it regardless.

Regular Cars encourages these people to love their cars, and not let the preconceived notions of others get in their way. As they so eloquently put it:

"Don't let anybody take something away from you...If you like a Dodge Nitro, love it. If you like this car, well wear it with a badge of honor. Wear it proud like the hickey from the prom queen. If the Dodge Nitro is a bad car, so be it. Keep driving it, because that's the only call you get to make, and hating something by consensus is just as bad as going along with the crowd with the things you're supposed to like."


Words we can all agree upon.