Why Is This Stupid Clickbait Ad Using a Stout Scarab?

Nobody actually clicks on those awful clickbait ads, right? There's just some robot chained to a desk somewhere cranking these out — I think that's how these work. Even so, I can't fathom why an innocent Stout Scarab got mixed up in this mess.

The ad is for some thinly-veiled insurance ad in some bullshit site called Lifestyle Journal that promises to reveal what's making drivers "Furious & Shocked." But that little picture has a tiny circled car, and that car is the revolutionary Stout Scarab.


Now, I can see how this would be good clickbait for me — I love the radical, streamlined, rear-engined masterpiece that is the Stout Scarab, but do normal people — run-of-the-mill bastards who might, just might, click this link — do they care about Stout Scarabs? Do they see that distinctive, louvered rear and recall the reconfigurable interior of the Scarab?

I have no idea what their game is but I want them to stop. The Scarab is an automotive icon, and deserves better than this. It'd be like if they exhumed the body of Lincoln and motorized it into selling mattresses.

So, fuck off, clickbait, you've made me furious and shocked with this crap. I wish there was one weird trick I could do to make this all better.


(Thanks for pointing this out, Bene!)

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