Why Is There A Million-Dollar '91 Corolla On Autotrader?

One of our readers, Stephen Abraham, was looking for Toyotas on Autotrader, when he spotted something fascinating. Which, as you know, is not easy to do when looking for used late-model Toyotas. It was a new Camry that was selling for Veyron money — about $2.5 million dollars. That sounds like a lone mistake, until you see the Million Dollar Corolla. WTF?


Most of these $500,000 Siennas and $200,000 Tacomas and relative bargain-basement $110,000 Priuses are in Auto Trader’s ‘Premium Listings’ section, and boy, they aren’t kidding with the premium. Since these wildly-inflated prices seem to be showing up at a variety of dealers in different locations, this looks like it’s one of two things:

A. A hilarious error in Autotrader’s pricing algorithm code somewhere

2. The market finally realizing the true worth of a 990,000+ mile Corolla and adjusting accordingly. I mean, it does say Deluxe Sedan right there.


I’m sure this will be corrected soon, so I grabbed a bunch of these screenshots. Really, I barely even care why this happened, I’m just enjoying that it did. I hope this stays uncorrected for a nice long while so I can find someone considering buying a Veyron or McLaren something and send them that $2.5 million Corolla ad. Then I can tell them to save themselves some money and buy that new McLaren. Sure, they’re giving up some practicality, but with the cash they save, that should be okay, right? They can use the extra cash to buy a trailer or whatever.


But still, it’s no Corolla.

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