Why Is The FBI Raiding The Detroit Public Library?

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The Detroit Public Library's main branch is one of the Motor City's iconic historic buildings which has managed to escape becoming a favorite of Holga-toting, ruin-hunting hipsters. But for some reason, the FBI may be conducting a raid there right now.


Someone told Detroit's Local 4 that the FBI was on their way in, and when we called the library's administration, they withheld comment, offering that they will release a statement later.

Sounds like a soft confirmation to me. Stay tuned in Kinja.

Photo credit: skyscrapercity forum



Why does Jalopnik care so much about Detroit? Why is there constantly news about the Lions, Tiger, (and Bears, oh my) the Library or any other notable thing that comes out of Detroit? the car companies at one time made vehicles around that general area. Now most of the cars are made in the South, Mexico or some where else far away.