I know that my car is not for everyone. I know that my car is loud. My car is uncomfortable. My car is unsafe, and bad on gas, and slow. But I love it anyway.

There can be a lot of pressure online to like or dislike a particular car, but if there's something that works for you, don't let anyone dissuade you from it. Perpetual voice of reason pauljones reminded me of that today, when he saw running back Alfred Morris restoring his beige 1991 Mazda 626.


It's not really about the biggest, baddest, fastest, or most expensive car. It's not about being flashy or showing off your money. It's just about liking cars, no matter what kind of cars you like. Sometimes, others may not understand why you like a car so much. Sometimes, you may not even understand why you like a car so much. But none of that matters; all that matters is that you like the car, and having it makes you happy.

That, right there, is automotive enthusiasm at its absolute purest. And you, Alfred Morris - you are my kind of automotive enthusiast. I bow to you. I know next to nothing about football, but if they sell your jerseys, I would be proud to buy and wear one for that reason alone.

Rock on, Mr. Morris.

So this has me wondering - what is it about your car, whether it's a popular car or not, that makes you want to hold on to it? What exactly do you love about your car?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

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