Man has always wanted to travel faster. You think the Interstate Highway Act was about defense or supporting suburban development? Wrong. It's about open roads for driving fast. Why do you love to drive fast?

We have to drive fast cars. It's our job. You think we like driving speed machines like the Corvette ZR1, 2010 Shelby GT500, and Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT-S? Is it fun for us to take a RENNtech C63 AMG and toss it around Miami? Is there any joy in piloting a highly-tuned Switzer GT-R around a snowy racetrack? Yes, yes, oh my God, yes! Of course it's fun. It's why we live. We only do this for a living because years of hard work and a fluke of good luck allowed us to get paid for burying needles and burning through rubber like we're one of Hulk Hogan's offspring. We love to drive fast because we love to drive and we don't know how to drive any other way. How about you?

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