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Why do 2011 Ford Mustang driveshafts keep exploding?

The 300+ horsepower V6 Mustang spelled great news for budget-conscious racers, right? Mostly. A notable exception: Those who've blown their driveshafts doing speed pulls. Why is this happening?


The 2011 Ford Mustang — thanks to its 315 hp V6 engine — has removed the taint of six-banger econo-stangs of old. Yet more than one owner of a 2011 Mustang has has found themselves experiencing catastrophic failure with the stock two-piece driveshaft.


The problem appears to be most keenly-experienced with buyers who've disengaged the Mustang's 118 mph speed limiter. Naturally, removing the limiter likely voids the warranty.

This week another video surfaced of a Mustang blowing its shaft at around 135 mph. But that's not the only blown-shaft video that's been passed around the Mustang community. Two other Mustangs went shaft-wild, one while being dyno-tested at 162 mph.

The solution? Simple, if it turns out it's the shaft that's the problem. A heavy-duty, one-piece number like this one from Shaftmasters (no endorsement, just an example) for $625. [UPDATE: Shaftmasters has ceased production of the V6-compatible driveshaft.] Lighter, more efficient, and good for 500whp. Potential for YouTube fame? Low.

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I like how the car is limited to 118, and modding it to go faster voids warranty...and yet the factory speedo goes to 160.