Why Did You Buy Your Car?

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Lately, fellow Jalops, your humble author has found himself increasingly perturbed by these constantly rising gas prices. My WRX averages about 21 mpg on premium gas. Not as bad as it could be, but not exactly cheap either.


But while it would be nice if the 'Rex hit 32 mpg on the highway, I didn't buy this car because fuel economy was my top priority. I bought it because it's quick, fun to drive, practical, and because I had always wanted one.

So how about you guys? What's the reason you bought your car? Did you care about gas mileage more than I did, and that's why you got a diesel VW or a Prius? Did you buy a Corvette because it was your dream car? Did you fall in love with the exhaust note of the Fiat 500 Abarth? Or did you end up in that hooptie '93 Civic because you just needed a set of wheels on the cheap? Share your story in Kinja below.


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Aaron Curry

Are you kidding? Cup holders..