Why Did This Genius Truck Bed Hatch Take So Long to Invent?

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A company called ARE, which makes all kinds of truck accessories, has announced that it’s invented the first bed cover that both rolls back and pops up. If you’ve ever used a pickup, you can’t tell me this isn’t awesome.

I feel a little silly freaking out over some plastic that slips over a steel cargo box, but I’ll tell you straight up, I have dreamed about this device ARE is calling the “DoubleCover” and I just think it’s so freaking cool somebody actually made it.


When I was a kid, I worked for my grandfather’s construction company. By “a kid” I mean like “age 16” and by “worked” I mean I was the lumber bitch, moving raw materials from one pile to another.

Gramps had a single-cab Silverado. One of the then-new angry eyed ones in a great blue color. It had a roll back tonneau cover on it, which he insisted remained closed at all times except for when things were being pulled from or put into the truck bed.


God, I hated that cover.

See, pretty much all the stuff I had to move came from or went to the bed of grampa’s truck. That meant rolling and unrolling the tonneau cover dozens of times a day. And do you think wood chips and metal shavings and junk ever jammed the cover half-closed? Yes. Yes they did. Like, always.


The gas-shocked pop-up style tonneau cover, which I don’t think had been invented yet circa 2003, would have made my life a lot easier. But, then we would have been screwed if we ever wanted to carry a lawn tractor or mounds of shit piled higher than the bedsides.

This thing does both! Hence, my excitement at the existence of ARE’s new bed cover and surprise it took this long for somebody to come up with it.


I have a feeling folks will have more reasons to want this than my extremely specific example. You can see a whole bunch more pictures of this fancy new cover thing in action on ARE’s website.