Why Did This Alfa Romeo Giulia Get Stuck On A Normal Driveway?

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Apparently, you can get an Alfa Romeo Giulia stuck by just trying to drive up a normal driveway, Motor Trend’s Jason Cammisa proved on his Instagram. That is not encouraging.

I don’t know exactly what caused this thing to get stuck, but based on the looks of it, that rear suspension doesn’t have much droop, so when Jason drove up the driveway at an angle, and the car’s weight shifted towards the front right, the rear tire lifted off the ground.


Still, that doesn’t explain why the torque vectoring differential didn’t activate its clutches to send power to the wheel with traction, or why traction control didn’t command the caliper to grab that spinning rotor and get torque to the right wheel.

Cammisa’s hashtag #programmingfail implies that he thinks this is a matter of a poorly calibrated traction control and torque vectoring systems.

Maybe at low differential speeds between the left and right wheels, and at low loads, the diff and traction control don’t activate for whatever reason? Or maybe someone pulled a couple of fuses? Honestly, I have no clue.

All I know is, this beautiful Alfa looks so sad and helpless beached up on that driveway. I want to help it.