A modified car is a very personal choice. Do what you want to it, it doesn't hurt anyone. Unless you make a Ford Expedition that appears to be eating a Mercedes E-Class for some unknown reason. Then you hurt everyone.

This 1999 Ford Expedition with just 112,850 original miles (that's right, original miles) has a Mercedes-Benz front end conversion. Because if there's one thing the Expedition needs, it's the front of a Mercedes.

It has a bangin' sound system too, and what appears to be a tv in the steering wheel, because that's a safe thing to have in a car. And no modified truck would be complete without a set of way too large wheels, creative flames/pinstriping, and a gas tank behind a light.


Hey, that's what gets a car into Low Rider Magazine. The owner says $18,000 has been "invested" (I think that's a loose term) and he'll part with it for just $6,500.

That's right, you can own a car that was in Low Rider Magazine for just $6,500. Where can I sign up?

(Hat Tip to Eric!)