In a country obsessed with status and burdened with an unbalanced ratio of young men to women, it's not surprising that Chinese men would publicly propose marriage to attractive women who can't walk away — like auto show models.

Several such proposals have been sprung at recent events, and one such incident last week became an Internet sensation in China after a suitor attempted to woo back his ex-girlfriend while she was displaying cars at the Changchun auto show. Arriving on the edge of the turntable in a suit with a bouquet of flowers, Wang Wei urged the model, Qu Yu, to accept his wedding proposal, saying according to web translations "I used to have no money, and now I can afford to buy a house! You marry me!"

Judging by the shots snapped from the surrounding photographers, Qu at first attempted to ignore Wang Wei's display, then moved to the other side of the car. When Wang showed no signs of moving, Qu walked off the stage and outside, where Wang kept up the pursuit, hoping for the result every romantic movie promises.

Qu was not swayed: "I always take you as a friend, you do not misunderstand, OK? I do not like you! I can not lie to you!...So embarassing!"


Wang shouldn't feel alone: Another man attempted the bouquet of flowers approach with a model at the same show; other entreaties from the lonelyhearts club were launched at the Guangzhou auto show and a touring car championship race, where a suitor had to be restrained in his pitch to a Ford grid model.

Such attempts only make sense given that one in nine young Chinese men will never marry; with chances so slim, there's no downside in gambling on finding paradise by the turntable lights.