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You know, $18,000 will buy you a lot of car. You could get yourself a reasonably well-equipped new Nissan Sentra, if you hate yourself and hate driving, or any number of nice older used cars. But none will be as good and nice as this car, because it is a Porsche 911 Turbo. A 911 Turbo, for under $18,000! The mileage is... a bit high, but it’s been taken care of, allegedly.

We got a few tips on this 911 Turbo for sale out of Minneapolis and I felt compelled to bring it to your attention. What you’re looking at is a black 2002 996 Turbo, unfortunately with the five-speed Tiptronic slushbox but what are you gonna do, selling for $17,995. Bargain of the century!


We’ve been saying for some time that the 996 Turbo is an underrated gem and a stellar used performance car bargain, long as you’re willing to put up with air-cooled snobs raining (airing?) on your parade and the runny-egg headlights. They also allegedly don’t suffer from the IMS bearing flaw that kills many a good 996. Because that generation of 911 is considered so undesirable, an astute buyer can scoop one up and get a ton of speed on the cheap—especially the Turbo model, with its ridiculous-for-its-day-and-still-respectable-now 415 horsepower. This example has been bumped to 545 HP. Even better.

Now, this one has higher miles—a lot higher, in fact—but it’s also one of the cheapest 996 Turbos I’ve found anywhere that isn’t currently or has been on fire. Is that number legit? The PCA’s Panorama magazine said it was in a 2015 feature. I’m inclined to believe it.


If you find a better 996 Turbo value, buy it. In the meantime this car is an absolute steal for a buyer willing to continue the work that must have gone into keeping this bad boy running. Go see the seller here and click here if the ad disappears.

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