“I bought a Honda Accord,” your neighbor tells you. And you nod and tell him “That’s a good car,” because it is! You can’t really go wrong with an Accord, even if it is a boring, safe, obvious choice. But a modern Accord starts around $22,000; for about the same money, you can own this impossibly sweet 1981 Accord LX instead!

“5-Speed,” its rear end proudly proclaims, fearlessly announcing to the world that this Accord likes having its gears shifted by hand. What a delightful machine.

What’s even crazier than that is the mileage: 4,651. Yes, this humble Accord has fewer miles on it than a lot of new cars do after three months. And yet it’s 35 years old! Miraculous. No rust, either, which is just as miraculous.


From the Pennsylvania-based seller:

Grab this rare opportunity to own a 4,000 original miles ab-so-lutely MINT Japanese collectible. 4,651 miles to be exact - spotless, perfect, scrumptious - put a red bow on it, add a box of chocolates, and this jade jewel is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This seller specializes in survivor cars and this all-original, unrestored, rust-free vehicle is no exception. Car has been featured at recent local AACA Museum exhibit, “Motoring Mysteries of the Far East.” With roller coaster stock markets, put your money where it counts. For your consideration:

*For thirty-five years always garaged, in 1981 this car was purchased new at Rudy Luther’s Hopkins Honda in Hopkins, MN, delivered with 3 miles.

In 2007, it was sold with 1,998 miles. Currently has only 4,651 miles.

*This beautiful car sports ALL original:

Factory paint, glass, wheels/tires, chrome, bumpers, stainless, trim, mirrors, etc, EVERYTHING!

*Everything works! - lights, gauges, radio, a/c, heat, directionals, wipers, cassette player, EVERYTHING! Top-of-the-line dealer-installed radio, as per dealer accessory manual.


Who keeps an Accord this nice? I don’t know, we have secret heroes who live among us every day.

As of this writing this Accord, mint as its body and interior (Seriously, when was the last time you saw an interior that was fucking green?), has bidding at just $21,100. It’s as much as a modern Accord, sure, but far more wonderful and full of character.

Who needs airbags, cruise control and Bluetooth? This thing is green inside. Don’t buy new, buy perfectly, absurdly, pristinely kind-of used!





Photos credit seller

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