Why Buy A Mustang GT When You Can Get An Insane 650-HP Porsche 911 Turbo?

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Buying a modified sports car is kind of like buying a cockfighting rooster. While it might look unassuming, it was made specifically for doing something highly illegal and it probably wants to kill you. But this Porsche 911 Turbo is so damn cheap, you may just rethink your priorities.

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This 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo is one of the fastest cars you can buy with your Earth dollars (is that what they’re called?) today. It has a twin turbocharged flat 6-cylinder engine that produces enough power to make a viral video if you put your grandmother in your passenger’s seat and switched on your GoPro while you floored it. This example has some slight tweaks to the engine and drivetrain, resulting in an estimated 650 horsepower - which is Porsche horsepower by the way, so converted to that of ordinary plebes, it’s the equivalent of 5,000 Toyota Camrys daisy-chained together.

It’s the most performance you can get out of a German car with the engine in the wrong place for less than 40 grand, and believe me, I’ve checked. No, I don’t count your ‘76 VW Beetle with small block Chevy swap.

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While the car does have a fair bit of modification done to the engine’s high-strung bits, the seller claims that it has never been pushed to its limits. More often than not, that’s true, considering the people who buy and modify these cars would probably swallow their dentures on a full-throttle standing start.

Here’s an excerpt from the very lengthy description:

The car came with the following mods already installed, with $40k plus in receipts (the original shop has the receipts, I do not). These are all very high quality, well established names. All the mods are bolt on, work seamlessly and are dead set reliable.

  1. Racing shifter
  2. GT2 wing
  3. Roll bar
  4. Upgraded throttle body
  5. 5 bar fuel pressure regulator and updated injectors
  6. Upgraded bypass valves
  7. KKK 24/26 turbo
  8. billet bypass valves
  9. REVO stage 2 (3 stages from stock to 650 hp)
  10. Silicon boost hoses
  11. RS air intake plenum
  12. Speedtech headers
  14. Evolution Motorsports Intake
  15. Bilstein coilover kit
  16. Updated MAF
  17. Pioneer entertainment system with navigation, bluetooth and DVD player
  18. Hidden radar jammer and diffuser (I think its a Passport...I remember looking it up and it was a several thousand dollar unit)
  19. OZ ultraleggra racing wheels (amazingly strong, amazingly light)


My experience with the car:

Before I bought the car I did a full pre-purchase inspection at JSS motorsports with Bert, the owner. You need to understand I am a very risk averse person. I’m the kind of guy that looks up airline safety records and the financial stability of my insurance company. I don’t bet on individual stocks, I put my money into mutual funds. In fact, I am a risk manager by training. So I did my pre-purchase homework...I sure as hell was not taking any unnecessary risks.

Look up Bert Mota on the Porsche forums. We confirmed there were no major over revs, leaks, IMS issues, etc. To quote, “whoever put this car together definitely knew what they were doing”. People are sometimes afraid of lightly driven track cars. This is a misconception for a performance vehicle like Porsche. Putting the car through the paces determines very early on if you’ve got a dud or a winner. This car is a winner. This engine and transmission is solid.

He is the most honest mechanic I have ever known. I have to prompt him to charge me for more business...he never over charges and he shoots straight. I have serviced my car with them ever since. They just serviced the car 2 months ago and did smog/certify. Please feel free to call Bert, he’ll tell you the unvarnished truth. jssperformance.com or call (516) 877-9899.

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If I had the money, I’d be all over it, for a few reasons - First, the Porsche 996 Turbo is one of the best performance values on the market for any price. With some light mods from stock, it can be just as scary fast as a brand new $200,000 Turbo S. Second, the lengthy description and honest nature of the ad makes me confident that the person selling the car knows the car inside and out and has had others who know what they’re doing work on the oily bits. That sort of thing is pretty important in an exotic like this, especially with the desirable bulletproof Metzger engine in it.


If you like going fast, save up for this because it definitely looks like it’s worth it.

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Sounds legit, but you gotta laugh at the series of events that leads a risk manager (by training) to buy a 650-hp 911 Turbo.